Direction before Discovery

Would adding two decades of SEO experience to your team in one fell swoop help? We think it would.. 


With nearly two decades of SEO experience, we know where the bigger risks are, where short and medium term SEO results can best be achieved and where longer term focus is needed for even higher results to surface.  

A special SEO Mentoring programme for small businesses with less than 15-20 employees is also available – <click here for details>


As an alternative to outsourcing your SEO, you may want to:

  • Accelerate SEO performance to heights that you might not have otherwise achieved – or even discovered you could.
  • You have SEO resource – but you’re missing a senior SEO leader to motivate and drive your team
  • Build an in-house advanced, direct SEO capability over time.
  • Avoid the [extremely] costly rabbit-holes that are unforgiving in SEO
  • Integrate your SEO operation with and across other functions in your organisation
  • Recover from SEO issues that have already arisen
  • Operate within a managed budget

Our SEO mentoring service will achieve any or all of the above within a monthly budget we will agree with you.

Enterprise SEO

Combining a major SEO coaching repository of top class processes and supporting content, PraxisNow is perfectly setup for knowledge transfer and execution guidance.

What really sets PraxisNow apart is not just our deep understanding of SEO methods but our exceptional ability to communicate this knowledge across all levels of your organisation. Whether it’s simplifying complex SEO strategies for broader understanding or making key decisions in the continually-changing SEO landscape, our clarity in communication ensures that every team member, from content creators and IT professionals to executive leadership, is on the same page.  


Our expertise isn’t confined to SEO as a silo. We excel at integrating SEO with and across different organisational functions. SEO touches so many elements of your marketing strategy including content strategy, PR, compliance protocols, and even IT infrastructure. It strengthens and aligns those functions in a way that empowers the wider content footprint of your company. This integrated approach not only elevates your SEO efforts but transforms your wider digital narrative.

In summary, partnering with PraxisNow is not only about improving search rankings; it’s about reshaping your digital footprint, making your business not just visible but distinctly prominent in your served market. All while working with and upskilling your in-house team.


If other SEO mentoring customers are anything to judge by, you might well decide to extend your mentoring engagement with us beyond the initial minimum period of six months to say, ten years? Well that’s what some others have done – but only because it has been worth their while and we love doing it. Extending it by any period is entirely your choice and will clearly be decided on performance. Most do it for between one and three years. 

Only for small business, we have a special SEO Mentoring offer available starting May’24 – <click here>

SEO Mentoring

A Unique Option from PraxisNow

Our SEO Mentoring service can be provided in a few different ways. It can be full-on, with deep person-to-person engagement on individual tasks, or it can be at relative arms length. In the later case, a set time is allocated each month to audit task implementation, coach on new tasks and set new execution priorities for the next session. This can be between one and two days per month in total. In the former case, time allocation is set by the project brief.

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