Agility over Constraint

Our agile SME SEO service is the smart move for budget-conscious businesses who want to pace their investment with performance improvement. 

SEO lead generation within your reach
PraxisNow SEO Ireland

What is SME SEO?

A new “agile” SEO service from PraxisNow where SEO performance can be progressively paced within limited budget and / or timescale constraints.

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Who is SME SEO for?

  • Any business in a niche market – typically small to medium sized business with greater than 15-20 employees.
  • Businesses that are relatively early in their SEO cycle.

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Why choose PraxisNow?

  • Two decades of SEO experience directly at your table.
  • Hundreds of successful SEO projects under our belt.
  • Two month and six month budget-friendly engagement options.
  • SEO Mentoring option (unique)
  • Multiple post-engagement continuity options

Explore further?

If you would like to arrange an exploratory video call to discuss your SEO needs and their suitability to SME SEO, please email us at and we can arrange it.

Informed Decisions over Blind Assumptions

Before you consider investment issues, you need to know if actual achievable SEO performance can make it a worthwhile pursuit. When you first open a dialogue with us, and if justified based on our discovery meeting, we’ll need to action an initial assessment of this potential (we have tools to do that) and this will inform our follow-up conversation.


Reality over Misplaced Expectations

Your average sales value, your profit margin and where you currently stand in your SEO market are key decision influencers. Pair these with an understanding of your “available” potential market through SEO, and you’ve got a clearer picture of what to invest in organic search for a solid return.

We need to have this conversation to nail down your ideal SEO spend. But we get it, there’s often a gap between what’s ideal and what’s doable right now. That’s why in 2024, we brought SME SEO into the picture for the first time. At some point we’ll need an honest discussion about available budget and because it will be honest, your expectations will be balanced.

Research before Effort

SEO is more often than not, a game-changer for growth, especially for small and medium-sized business who have headroom to grow. Often, the question of whether you can afford NOT to do it, is a valid one. Your primary competitors may already be active in SEO – a force for doing it.

But you also have indirect competitors in SEO – many of whom you may not be aware of. These are the often non-competing websites that currently occupy the top organic positions on Google – by accident or design, against search behaviours that would be directly valuable to you if you occupied them. These may be low-hanging fruit and may form part of your targeting strategy. 

Worth over Aspiration

It is true that SEO can sink as much investment as you are willing to throw at it. However, no-one jumps into the deep end of SEO and succeeds overnight.SEO is a step-by-step journey. You don’t hit the jackpot in one go. It’s a gradual climb, where your SME SEO investment smartly matches your returns, making economic sense as you ascend. That is the goal of SME SEO – not to end once the initial engagement is completed, but to get you on a growth curve that can drive scale with continued investment and even bigger returns.

Leveraging almost two decades of SEO experience, we know what the optimum stage mix is in this progression. SME SEO is designed to get you to a place we call “SEO Basecamp”; the end-point for many SME’s, but for us, this is just your starting point if you are thinking bigger and want to scale. 

SEO Basecamp & Landing Pages

Foundations before Masterpiece

A common myth among many is that the SEO journey ends when you’ve implemented a set of basic SEO rules on your website. It doesn’t. There’s a whole other world of SEO beyond this point.

SEO Basecamp is where you’ve consistently implemented the core “indexing structure” (the basic SEO rules!) across the pages targeted in your SME SEO engagement. Google requires this structure before considering any website for top ranking positions.

SEO Basecamp also identifies corrective actions relating to potential ranking barriers on your website and may make specific recommendations for your web development partner to address. It does not include acquiring links from other websites.

Reality over Misplaced Expectations

While SEO is about attracting targeted visitor traffic to your website, you need to convert that traffic into leads or transactions. You do this with “landing pages”; any page on your website that is search-optimised to attract its own organic traffic target.

You need to sharpen your landing pages to ensure that they are up to the task of converting visitors into identifiable contacts. Landing pages have their own science. We can give you initial advise here, but be aware that conversion-optimised landing pages themselves would be a separate engagement as the work involved can be substantial.

Certainty over Eternity

The time it takes to go from launching SEO Basecamp to seeing incremental leads start to happen will vary from business to business. With our SME SEO, your investment matches your performance.

After the initial implementation period, if new leads have not already commenced, you can choose to pause any post-basecamp spending until you see results starting to occur consistently. And even then, you can stay at this level without investing further – or you can invest to scale. 


If you would like to have a first, informal and relaxed chat with us either by video or telephone call or if you would like to meet in person, drop us an email on or call 01-2360076 and we can set that up.