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NEXT DATES: 4th & 5th July ’24

“The most frequent cause of SEO non-performance? The foundations were not in place.” 

A high-intensity introduction to SEO execution using the latest AI and content structuring methods to maximise the organic search presence and lead generation capability of your organisation's website.


Choose a Group / Dates that suits you.

GROUP 1: Thu 4th & Fri 5th July 2024

GROUP 2: Wed 25th & Thu 26th Sept. 2024.

TIMES: 9.30am – 12.30pm by live, interactive video.

Two live, interactive video workshops that you can attend from the comfort of your home or office. Video recordings of each workshop will be available to the Group for private study purposes. Please see the note below.

€600 / participant (Should you also attend the Advanced SEO programme in October’24, you may be entitled to a 50% Primer fee offset. Please ask about this when registering for the Advanced programme).

John Coburn


  1. Businesses of all sizes.
  2. Anyone who wants a refresher and update in the latest core SEO execution requirements.
  3. Anyone at any level from beginner to intermediate SEO stage.
  4. Anyone who wants to get the most out of PraxisNow’s Advanced SEO Programme.


Participants will acquire an execution-level knowledge of SEO and be capable of applying that knowledge to independently search-optimise their websites.

Please Note: By participating in this programme, you are agreeing to allow your video image to be recorded for private use by other participants in the programme for personal review and study purposes.

SEO Primer
Summary Module Overview:
  • Cornerstones of SEO
  • Indexing Structure
  • Introduction to Content Authority
  • Introduction to Link Authority
  • AI in SEO – Part 1
  • Search Behaviour Research & Tools
  • Assignment & Content Gap
  • Five level alignment and more
  • Sitemaps
  • Media Optimisation
  • Google Search Console
  • Benchmark Ranking Report
  • Page-level structure
  • AI in SEO – Part 2




John Coburn

Programme Leader

Since founding PraxisNow in 2005, John has designed and delivered specialist training programmes in digital marketing and SEO to thousands of companies in Ireland. He has directly led hundreds of SEO projects in some of the most challenging search markets in Ireland and worldwide. Today, John is SEO mentor to several companies in Ireland and directly leads a selection of customer SEO projects each year.

John Coburn
SEO Primer

This programme will empower you from being relatively new to SEO to being able to independently bring your website up to a level we call “SEO Basecamp”, where the core search indexing structure has been implemented and website ranking improvement has commenced.

The SEO Primer course will also give you the terminology, understanding and may we say motivation to go on and do the Advanced SEO programme which will help to set your website apart from its competitors using the latest semantic alignment and more advanced AI methods as part of your process. 

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