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Starting Wednesday 9th October ’24 – This course is your gateway to becoming an SEO game-changer. You’re not just enrolling in a course – you’re investing in a transformation.

If you are looking to become a pivotal player in your team, from leveraging tactical AI in your SEO process to strategically connecting content across your website and beyond, then this course is about to set you apart.


Advanced SEO for B2B and eCommerce Powerhouses

Over four weeks, the Advanced SEO programme is an unmatched opportunity to step-up your SEO prowess to the next level. In a world where digital marketing and AI tools like ChatGPT have become ubiquitous, SEO execution at an advanced level is no longer optional. It’s a battleground where only the top players survive. This programme will give you the insights, ideas, techniques and  understanding that will change the way you think about SEO.  

If you’re just starting in SEO, you should first attend our SEO Primer course – scheduled the week before the Advanced programme. There is a 50% Primer programme offset when you attend both. 

Crafting Your SEO Strategy: From Recognition to Execution

Every SEO project is a unique challenge. This course teaches you to identify and overcome these challenges, laying down a strategy to improve your competitive position. It’s a fast-paced, challenging, interactive experience that debunks SEO myths and hones your focus on what truly matters.

Navigating the Complexities of SEO

Achieving SEO success isn’t always straightforward. The Advanced SEO course prepares you for the myriad scenarios you’ll encounter, equipping you with skills far beyond the basics to ensure successful outcomes in even the most competitive situations. 

The Itinerary: A Blend of Learning and Interaction

The course runs over four weeks, featuring live workshops every Wednesday and Q&A sessions every alternate Friday. It’s a comprehensive schedule designed to fit into the rhythms of your professional life, all from the comfort of your home or office. But be advised – it’s intense (but you’ll enjoy it!)

Embracing SEO Innovations

All of the content on the programme is original to PraxisNow. It is continually and exclusively updated by PraxisNow to account for the latest Google algorithm updates, AI advancements, improvements to SEO toolkits, new SEO tools, organic analytics data and much more.
Spreading the programme out over four weeks allows for the content to sink in and surfaces retrospective questions which are dealt with in the group. 


Some past participants

John Coburn

Programme Leader

John started his digital marketing journey in the early noughties as a mentoring student of the late Cory Rudl (Internet Marketing Center, Austin, Texas). He was a founding lecturer of the Marketing Institute of Ireland’s Digital Marketing Executive Programme, lecturing in SEO and PPC. John has been a Business Advisor on  Enterprise Ireland’s International Selling Programme specialising in digital strategy. He has been a keynote speaker and programme presenter on digital marketing and SEO for IBEC, the SFA and several business networks across Ireland.

Since founding PraxisNow in 2005, John has designed and delivered specialist training programmes in digital marketing and SEO to thousands of companies in Ireland. He has directly led hundreds of SEO projects in some of the most challenging search markets in Ireland and worldwide. Today, John is SEO mentor to several companies in Ireland and directly leads a selection of customer SEO projects each year.


John Coburn, Advanced SEO Programme leader
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