Reason over Expectation

Landing pages are not just a feature of digital marketing; they’re a pivotal moment of truth.

While the prequalifying nature of SEO weaves the initial path, it`s the landing page that crystallises the engagement narrative, determining the pivot from visitor to convert.

Landing Page Science

before Discovery

Nineteen years of honing the challenges of landing pages has its rewards. We’ve learned first-hand over that time that minimising bail-out on the one hand and maximising engagement on the other is a balancing act akin to acrobatics. We understand that reinventing the wheel is not just costly, but also unnecessary. With targeted traffic, a wealth of insights inform our landing page ideas even before the nuances of A/B split or multivariate testing begin.
Enterprise SEO
Years in SEO

Solving The Problem

What you Know over What you Think

SEO and email marketing are often heralded as the champions of conversion, not by chance, but due to the precise understanding of visitor intent they provide. This insight, gleaned either through search intent or email opt-in, unlocks the doors to effective landing page conversions. Removing much of the guesswork from landing page structure is one less thing to worry about, letting you focus more on engagement and your lead capture proposition. 

Lead Capture

The Why before the How

Lead capture is one of those things that is partly art and partly science. It’s a dance of subtlety and value. It’s goal is to transition a visitor from anonymity to identification through a mix of engagement, compelling value propositions and good design. Ultimately, when the “why” resonates, the “how” becomes effortlessly straightforward, whether it’s a call, an email, form completion, or a transaction.


Needs before Pitch

Engagement on a landing page is a jigsaw of understanding and alignment. It`s about crafting elements that resonate with your audience and aligning your messaging with their needs in a way that compels clear, decisive action.

A sales pitch without a proposition that is compelling, or a pitch that occurs too soon is to be avoided. A relevant value proposition that elicits an action is the ultimate pitch. Equally, unless your goal is solely to educate, education alone that does not lead anywhere has debatable value to you.

PraxisNow can help to hone your landing page engagement strategies and as the need arises, split test when needed for conversion improvement.

Content Performance

Purpose before Ideation

Every piece of content should be a mission with a clear objective. Why does this page exist? What is its purpose? How will its success be measured? How specifically does it engage its visitors? How does that engagement lead to purpose achievement? These are just some of the questions we’ll ask you during a content audit or when we are helping you to define your future content calendar. Engagement is the cornerstone of content performance and is a metric that reigns supreme in the world of modern digital campaigns. 


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