Process over Chaos

Merely following the pack won’t suffice when it’s essential to rise above, make a mark, and out-manoeuvre the hoard!

Direct SEO Services

Methodology over Disarray

PraxisNow operates two separate  SEO implementation methods, each based on the size and competitive landscape being addressed. For SMEs, we offer a balanced, budget and time-conscious SEO service, while for medium to large businesses, our Enterprise SEO solution is focused on acquiring scale in a way that is sustainable over extended periods. Both approaches are rooted in structured, methodical implementation. 


Competitive Position before Conventional Pursuit

In our Enterprise SEO service, we initially construct a point-in-time, tactical perspective of your organic competitive position. We assess your current SEO competitors and your respective SEO strategies. Initially, we may determine both corrective and progressive actions that can be taken in the short term to prepare for, and allow for, an effective SEO strategy to emerge.

We will pinpoint growth opportunities, and identify execution gaps with the goal of carving out an SEO path that optimally leverages your resources such as content production, compliance, and IT infrastructure.

SEO Mentoring

Direction before Discovery

PraxisNow presents SEO mentoring as an alternative to completely outsourcing your SEO project.  There are some great reasons why you might want to do this – click here.

Our SEO mentoring service aims to expedite your in-house team`s learning and advanced execution capabilities in SEO, averting common costly mistakes and targeting specific opportunities that may not otherwise have surfaced. It also minimises recovery time from inevitable SEO setbacks and maximises your ability to focus on the things that have greatest business impact.


Walking before Running

We firmly believe that you can never run unless you learn how to walk first. Our SME SEO service is directed towards efficient optimisation within set budgets and timeframes. It focuses on achieving realistic targeted rankings over relatively defined ramp-up periods. We bring your website to the level of “SEO Basecamp” – a state of well-implemented core SEO principles based on existing content, with potential for additional content recommendations after an initial viability audit.

SEO Courses

Currency over Obsolescence

We conduct two comprehensive, up-to-date SEO courses annually via live, interactive video, accommodating the schedules of busy SEO managers and executives. These courses cover both foundational and advanced methods in SEO, ensuring an execution-level understanding of the latest in SEO practices, tools, and concepts.  

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