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With SEO Mentoring, we will assign an experienced SEO Mentor to work with you one-to-one over a minimum period of six months. During this time, we will impart to you all the training, processes, tasks and strategies you’ll need to directly engage SEO on your website and build up a competency to continue the process on your own. Our SEO Mentoring customers have never looked back and many work with us over several years – some even ten years and more.

What you can Achieve with SEO Mentoring

SEO is not known as the single most effective digital lead generator for nothing. But there is a path to travel first – and the process is both structured and meticulous. There is plenty of scope for error – and Google is extremely unforgiving. With SEO mentoring, you can;

  • Get to the point of lead generation more quickly
  • Create a sustainable organic presence for your website on Google organic search
  • Develop in-house SEO capability – fast and effective
  • Install experienced SEO leadership from the outset
  • Avoid the [extremely] costly rabbit-holes that are unforgiving in SEO
  • Operate within a set, known budget that won’t break the bank

Each of the above is a compelling reason to choose the Mentoring route, but you also have the option of PraxisNow doing it for you. <click here>

Prefer to directly outsource your SEO?

Not every small business has the people or expertise to allow them to engage an SEO mentor. So, we’re delighted to present you with the equally cost-effective option of letting PraxisNow do it all for you – see Small Business SEO Direct

Does your small business meet the core criteria?

For this initiative to succeed, you will need to meet the following criteria:

  1. You use a WordPress or similar content management system that allows SEO-level editing to take place. If you’re not sure, send us an email and we’ll check it for you.
  2. You can assign a fluent English-speaking person who is comfortable working with your CMS and who is capable of being mentored to make relevant SEO edits to your website.
  3. A willingness to invest effort each month to complete the required tasks that will arise during the SEO mentoring process. These tasks will include a combination of research (guided), “assignment” (we’ll explain that), SEO editing, some content editing and potentially new content creation.
  4. An appreciation that SEO is a slow burn digital channel that will start to ramp up as SEO edits are implemented. We’re estimating six months as an average point in time within which you’ll see sufficient results to more than justify its on-going continuity.


Six (6) months (minimum duration)

For a minimum duration of six months, PraxisNow offers you a guided and highly personalised small business SEO mentoring service that is second to none. The offer consists of:

  • A single person-to-person video mentoring session each month for the duration of your engagement. Sometimes, when needed, a second video interaction may occur.
  • On-going task implementation support by email for the duration of your engagement.
  • Task completion audits as major tasks are implemented.
  • Set-up and management of a Ranking Benchmark report for the duration of the engagement.

NOTE: You may be able to partially fund this initiative using your Local Enterprise Office’s “Trading Online Voucher scheme”.

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John Coburn

John Coburn - Meet your SEO Mentor

John has 20 years experience in SEO. He has led SEO projects for several of Ireland’s leading corporations including Banks, Insurance Companies, eCommerce businesses, Distributors, Retailers, Software companies Manufacturers and many more. He was a founding lecturer of the Marketing Institute of Ireland’s Digital Marketing Executive Programme, lecturing in SEO and PPC. John has been a Business Advisor on Enterprise Ireland’s International Selling Programme specialising in digital strategy. He has been a keynote speaker and programme presenter on digital marketing and SEO for IBEC, the SFA and several business networks across Ireland.

Know you’re in good hands.

Badge of Honour!

Advanced SEO Course Certification badge

If you’ve made the required edits and completed the SEO tasks each month, we’ll certify you with our “PraxisNow Certified SEO Practitioner” badge. You can use this on any digital collateral you may choose.

This is only reserved for those who complete either a minimum six month SEO mentoring programme or attended our Advanced SEO Programme – both of which are unmatched in their class.

Ready to take the next step?

Before we can move forward, we need to know that you meet the criteria outlined on this page. On your side, you also might appreciate the opportunity to ask us some questions about the mentoring offer. If SEO is on your agenda, mentoring is a great option in many cases.

So as a next step, please either complete the form below, call us on 01-2360076 (we’re in Sandyford, Dublin) or email us at to arrange a chat about the offer.

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