Small Businesses
Direct SEO Service

A Special SEO Implementation Service for [most!] Small Business B2B
or smaller eCommerce websites

After 20 years we think we've cracked the code

Cracking the SEO code is not just about figuring out Google’s ranking algorithm. It’s about executing SEO for a cost that makes it viable for a small business.

If you are a small business, have a B2B website, or sell just a very limited range of products on an eCommerce platform, then we’ve got good news for you. We now have a highly evolved process, tailored specifically for small businesses, that allows you to retain PraxisNow to directly work on your SEO without breaking the bank.

Don't have the Staff?

If you don’t have the human resources or if you think SEO Mentoring could take time you cannot presently give it, as a small business you have the option of hiring PraxisNow to do it directly for you at a very affordable monthly cost.

Advantages of PraxisNow doing it

While there’s still a ramp up to acquiring worthwhile SEO traction, retaining PraxisNow to directly implement SEO for you has many advantages which include:

  • Highly experienced SEO leadership engaged from Day 1.
  • Early-stage research-intensive SEO work is undertaken directly by PraxisNow, reducing the risk from data-driven decisions later in the project.
  • Reduces the amount of time needed to hit each milestone along the SEO execution path.
  • Fluency in the many tools and methods used in SEO significantly boosts productivity in many SEO tasks.
  • Our use of AI in several aspects of the SEO process means we can do more – lots more, with less.

Disadvantages of PraxisNow doing it

  • You won’t get the benefit of building expertise in-house for the long term. The SEO initiative needs to be sustained for its impact to grow. You can however switch to SEO Mentoring after the initial six months should you wish.
  • Your first-hand knowledge and expertise within your own served market including its audiences, its technologies and its own language will always be superior to ours. While we will endeavour to engage with you to understand it, we will still need to sanity check key SEO elements with you from time to time.
  • There will be times when additional content will be required. If this is specialist content, we will specify what we need and will need you to produce it.
  • You won’t see us as often – but that can be a good thing too!


What we’ll need from you

Once you decide to bring PraxisNow on-board to directly implement your SEO, there are a few things we’ll need from you. We’re well aware that your time is precious and we will be cognoscente of any time requests we make of you. They will be kept to a minimum.

We may send you a pre-engagement questionnaire, depending on the details of out initial discussion, which we will then use to direct the flow of our first pre-engagement meeting when we will explore your business, goals, products, services, digital activities if any, audiences and served markets in a bit more detail.

We’ll also discuss your current website infrastructure and the digital partners you currently work with, if any, as we may need to engage with them should minor change be required or data intelligence be available.

Based on this pre-engagement meeting, we will undertake an analysis of your competitive SEO position relative to other similar players on Search. From this analysis, we’ll assess the gap between where you are now and where you need to get to. At that point we will make a determination on the SEO implementation strategy we will adopt over the coming months.

It is possible that, as your SEO project gets into motion, our vantage point will improve, and a more longer term SEO strategy option may emerge. Should that happen, we’ll brief you on its key elements and implications.

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